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uDiamond® Additive for Solvent Based Coatings

uDiamond® Additive for Solvent Based Coatings

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The addition of Nanodiamond to solvent based coatings typically increases abrasion resistance by 100% and can reach >300% in cases.  Friction properties are not impaired and can sometimes be reduced.   The permeation/ anticorrosion properties, especially in single coat applications, are improved.

The most common application is fluoropolymer coatings for engineering applications, but others include coatings for mobile devices, industrial and automotive.  Optically transparent coatings can also be addressed with this material.

Full process instructions supplied with purchase.

Consists of specifically functionalised nanodiamond in a polar solvent (GBL) which has good miscibility with many other solvents.  Nanodiamond content 0.5wt%

500ml bottle treats approximately 6-20 litres of coating depending on parameters.