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NanoDiamond Enhanced 3D Printing Filament - the result of a man wanting to fix his bike!

As a result of a long running relationship with Tiamet3D, we have jointly developed the first NanoDiamond enhanced 3D printing filament.

I first met Reid Larson of Tiamet3D a couple of years back after he had founded his company based on his first experiments.  And he had a fascinating backstory: It all started because he wanted to repair his bike.

Reid's pretty keen on gadgets and things that go - he's always got a drone in his backpack "just in case something needs filming", and as a result of this I've seen footage of him skateboarding in Oman, for example.  So I believe the bicycle in question was probably rather expensive, but somehow Reid had broken the frame and as a student couldn't afford to replace it.

In my day I would probably have used gaffa tape, but this is the 21st century so Reid 3D printed a brace to cover the broken section.  Apparently it failed in the first seconds.  Undeterred, he started to formulate his own improved filaments and this culminated in a working bike thanks to a NanoDiamond formulation.

Of course these things take time, but here we are in 2018 with a jointly filed patent, a formal agreement between Carbodeon and Tiamet3D and the first production batch of nanodiamond enhanced material has been compounded and is now in the process of being made into filaments.

I was inspired by the story and took the plunge myself to get a 3D printer in 2017.  Because of the limitations in available materials, it has so far mainly been used by my kids for making Harry Potter memorabilia but you can expect to see some trick 3D printed bits for my car coming off it in the near future!

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